Joint Russian-Ukrainian Company «TM VeldTek Ltd.»

Decomposition of the USSR and emergence of independent republics in the post-Soviet space at the start of 1990s was accompanied by upsetting of industry operation, breaking up and loss of production links, mass stoppage of production. In 1993 in Kiev a joint Russian-Ukrainian Company «TM VeldTek Ltd.» was set up by the initiative of PWI staff. The Company was successfully developing in the direction of flux-cored wire manufacture. This was promoted by the support of «Dnepropetrovsk Hardware Production Association», where the management appreciated the idea of restoring flux-cored wire manufacturing in Ukraine.
In 2001 flux-cored wire manufacturing was moved to a separate subdivision – «TM.VELTEK Ltd.».

Currently, the joint venture «TM VeldTek Ltd.» develops new wires, manufacturing technology...
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