TUU 28.7-31749248.002-2002




Diametr: 16,5х4,2 mm

Protection: selfshielding

Type - metal cored
Design: tubular, overlapping

General characteristics

The strip is designed for depositiong by the automated open arc welding process a high alloyed wear-resistant weld metal on steel parts and plates exposed to severe mineral abrasion combined with moderate impact. The strip is used for hardfacing protective sheets of mining equipment and quarry machinery of various purposes. (450 °С)


The Formation of the weld beadgood
Separation of Slaggood
Consumption per 1 kg of wire Weld metal, kg---
Weld metal Hardness (HRC for 3rd-4th layer, unless otherwise stated)after surfacing 60-64

Recommended Surfacing Modes

Dimentions Current, A Voltage, V
16,5х4,2 450-700 28-34

Deposit composition (Weld metal), %


Welding Alloys Analog

Brand of the wire Distance, % CMnSiCrNiSPMo
HARDFACE HC (29)2.651.51.527
TETRA S 329-G (82)3.790.080.70.82540.0080.02
TUBE S 329-G (150)3.790.080.70.82540.0080.02
TETRA S 329-G (149)3.790.080.70.82540.0080.02

Properties of the weld metal

  • горение сварочной дуги стабильное;
  • хорошее формирование наплавляемого металла;

Technological features

Наплавка выполняется на постоянном токе обратной полярности (+)

Вид поставки

Бухты с рядной укладкой: внутренний диаметр 420±10 мм, наружный 800±10 мм, ширина мотка 110±10 мм, вес мотка 75-175 кг (оптимальный 150 кг).