TM.WELTEC Ltd.. Flux-cored wires for welding, surfacing and spraying

  • The «TM.WELTEK» limited liability company, being a part of «WeldTech Group» of companies, is one of the biggest specialized manufacturers of flux cored wires for welding, hard-facing and spraying in Ukraine. It belongs to a group of three the most powerful producers of wires in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
  • Our products are well known in Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, India, Baltic States, Czech Republic and others.
  • Products of the «TM.WELTEK» Ltd. company are certified within "UKRSepro" system.
  • Wires produced by the «TM.WELTEK» Ltd. company are admitted for use in manufacture of high-duty metal structures and have been introduced into Industry branch instructions and Guidelines (Ministry of Railway Transport of Ukraine, Register of shipping of Russia, Lloyd`s Register).
  • Today the «TM.WELTEK» Ltd. company supplies the wide spectrum products (wires of more than 98 grades from 1,0 to 6,0 mm in diameter) to ironworks, colliery, mining, shipbuilding, machinery construction and carriage engineering enterprises as well as to enterprises of other branches of industry.
  • The quality of products and reliability of the company is confirmed by numerous awards of national and international fairs and ratings.
  • The «TM. WELTEK» Ltd. company focuses one`s efforts not only in production field, but it spends a part funds on development of public health, and the company is one of sponsors of FC "Kiev" mini-football team.

Our mission:

Having created the things that joints and strengthens, we unite and make progress together with you.


Our philosophy:

  • Effective welding and hard-facing are the way to capital growth!
  • Having created the things that joints and strengthens, we increase our income and help to increase the incomes of our partners!
  • In cooperation with us you increase your income, and there by increase our income which is kept on investment into the growth of jointly-developed capitals...


Our vision:

  • Obtainable price
  • Stable high quality
  • Winning reliable service