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Application objects

  • Facing the bunker, mold bricks
  • Pipelines shot blasting and sandblasting devices
  • Peskomety, parts molding machines, blades drobemetov
  • Fangs bucket wheel excavator, cutters, working parts briquetting presses
  • Big cone and bowl backfill apparatus BF
  • screw and sleeve extruders extractors
  • Ploughshares, paws cultivators, harrows wheels
  • Ploughshares, disks harrows, cultivators legs
  • teeth and excavator buckets, parts of crushers
  • Blades drobemetov, Demolition sheets, get sucker and exhausters
  • Bill hammer crushers and mills for grinding coal
  • Rolls crushers with thorns
  • Grid-irons hammer crushers, ball mills parts, hammer mills
  • Cheeks crushers, roll crushers bandages
  • Protective sleeve shafts, pump components and water turbines
  • Mixers and other details mixers, dredgers
  • Details of marine dredging, graders and excavators
  • Details of tracked vehicles, excavators chains, sprockets bucket elevators
  • Guide, the measuring instrument
  • bending dies, drawing dies of cold stamping
  • impellers cranes, wheel sets and bandages
  • rollers conveyor belts
  • railway frogs, caterpillars links
  • gear teeth
  • vapov seals, friction units, however tion
  • shafts, axis friction lubricated
  • The end shafts of ships, bearings gidravpicheskih drive
  • The blades of the turbines, blades ship propellers
  • plungers of hydraulic presses
  • Seatings
  • Knives cold cutting scissors, cut cold stamping dies
  • Knives scissors cutting hot, hot stamping dies
  • Nadelki forging hammers and presses, forging dies hot stamping
  • Rollers hot rolling sheet and variety
  • pipgerstanov rolls, forging machines, hot stamping dies
  • Details furnace lining holder
  • bottoms boiler wall tanks, pipes (interior surface)
  • Paro-zopnye valves, purge valve seat
  • Pipe and valve, valve, valve lari
  • exhaust valves of internal combustion engines
  • forms for pressing glass
  • teeth cutters drill bits, castles and clutch drill pipe, rock and soil cultivating tool
  • Railway frog
  • Abrasion fine mineral particles
  • Itensivny abrasive wear
  • Railway rails
  • frictional wear or adhesive wear of the metal
  • impactor wear
  • Surfacing drag buckets, excavator bucket teeth
  • Surfacing axles, shafts, wheels of railcars
  • Surfacing parts of railway transport
  • Surfacing knives graders and bulldozers
  • Correction of defects casting
  • Surfacing buffer layer before surfacing coatings
  • Surfacing blades of the turbines, propellers, propeller shafts of ships
  • Surfacing gear teeth
  • Surfacing blades smoke exhausts


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