JC «TM WeldTech»

Decomposition of the USSR and emergence of independent republics in the post-Soviet space at the start of 1990s was accompanied by upsetting of industry operation, breaking up and loss of production links, mass stoppage of production. In 1993 in Kiev a joint Russian-Ukrainian Company «TM VeldTek Ltd.» was set up by the initiative of PWI staff. The Company was successfully developing in the direction of flux-cored wire manufacture.
Joint Russian-Ukrainian Company «TM VeldTek Ltd.»
This was promoted by the support of «Dnepropetrovsk Hardware Production Association», where the management appreciated the idea of restoring flux-cored wire manufacturing in Ukraine.
In 2001 flux-cored wire manufacturing was moved to a separate subdivision – «TM.VELTEK Ltd.».

Currently, the joint venture «TM VeldTek Ltd.» develops new wires, manufacturing technology...

Experience in application of electric arc surfacing with flux-cored wire at the enterprises of Ukraine

The surfacing using flux-cored wire finds a wide application in many branches of industry and, first of all, in the repair works. At the present time the largest manufacturer of flux-cored wires for surfacing in Ukraine is the enterprise «TM.WELTEC Ltd.». In the present work the developments of this enterprise and the experience of their use in repair surfacing of rolls of rolling stands, CCM rollers, wheel cranes and also the rollers of straightening machines and critical parts of hydraulic supports of mining equipment are described.


Production of flux-cored wires in «TM.WELTEC Ltd.» company

The close cooperation with leading research centers, including those in the field of welding and a high professionalism of engineering and technical staff and workers allowed mastering a stable classical technology of production of welding and surfacing flux-cored wires and wires for electric arc spraying to perfection.