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TUU 28.7-31749248.002-2002




Diametr: 2,0-3,2 mm

Protection: self-shielding

Design: tubular, overlapping

General characteristics

Описания еще нет


Weld metal Hardness (HRC for 3rd-4th layer, unless otherwise stated)after surfacing -


Welding Alloys Analog

Brand of the wire Distance, % virobnikCMnSiCrNiMoSPCuN
TUBE S 904L-G (119)1000Welding Alloys0.022.50.4212550.0080.021.5
TUBE S 904L-S (120)1000Welding Alloys0.0152.30.5212650.010.021.6
TETRA S B 465-G (121)1000Welding Alloys0.0253.50.2525222.20.0080.020.13
TRI S 307-O (122)1000Welding Alloys0.036.50.8198.20.0080.02
TETRA V 904L-G (118)1000Welding Alloys0.033.20.5202650.0080.021.6

Delivery type (More)

The diameter of the wire 1,2–2,0 mm 2,4–3,2 mm 1,6–6,0 mm
Delivery Magazine
B-300; S-300
Molded Bay Bay
Standard package cardboard box cartons metal drums metal drums
Weight, kg 10-15 20-55 50-70 50-70

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