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TUU 28.7-31749248.002-2002




Diametr: 1,6-2,0 mm

EN 14700: T Z Fe13

DIN 8555:
MF6-GF-60-GT (suspended)

Protection: shielding gas

Type - metal cored
Design: tubular, overlapping

General characteristics

Hard-facing of strengthening layers as applied to abrasive wear with moderate impact loading. Hard-facing of tillage tools, rolls for production of asbestos boards, die blocks and die punches for cold forming and pressing.


The Formation of the weld beadgood
Separation of Slaggood, solid crust no
Deposition Rate, kg/h4-12
Addiction Weld metal Crackingincreased
Consumption per 1 kg of wire Weld metal, kg1.1-1.2
Weld metal Hardness (HRC for 3rd-4th layer, unless otherwise stated)after surfacing 50-56


Welding Alloys Analog

Brand of the wire Distance, % virobnikCMnSiCrNiMoSPCuN
TUBE S 904L-G (119)1000Welding Alloys0.022.50.4212550.0080.021.5
TUBE S 904L-S (120)1000Welding Alloys0.0152.30.5212650.010.021.6
TETRA S B 465-G (121)1000Welding Alloys0.0253.50.2525222.20.0080.020.13
TRI S 307-O (122)1000Welding Alloys0.036.50.8198.20.0080.02
TETRA V 904L-G (118)1000Welding Alloys0.033.20.5202650.0080.021.6

Delivery type (More)

The diameter of the wire 1,2–2,0 mm 2,4–3,2 mm 1,6–6,0 mm
Delivery Magazine
B-300; S-300
Molded Bay Bay
Standard package cardboard box cartons metal drums metal drums
Weight, kg 10-15 20-55 50-70 50-70

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