Flux-cored wires for welding and repair of defects in 110G13L steel castings.

Orlov L.N., Golyakevich A.A., Novikova D.P., Peleshko V.N. and Simonenko V.V.

Published at "The Paton Welding Journal" 2004 №01

Poor weldability of steel 110G13L, caused by a growth in heat input, is outlined. Electrodes, developed at different periods of time for welding Hadfield steel and its dissimilar joints, are described. Characteristic of flux-cored wires WELTEC-H220U and WELTEC-H210U, developed by TM.WELTEC Ltd. for the repair of 110G13L steel castings and welding of dissimilar joints of this steel with steel 20GSL, is given.